Harald Schneider-Zinner

Head of Austrian chess coach education from 2010 – 2021, from 2017-2020 coach of the women’s national squad; educator, author; he led his club to win the Cristallgala in 2016.


Laura Schalkhäuser

Breaks fresh ground in girls’ chess training and reports on her work at SK Schweinfurt in her presentations in Bavaria and Salzburg 2020.


Wolfgang Moser

Head of the Austrian Competitive Sports Center Südstadt; Vice World Champion Sailing 1999; former board member of the Austrian Tennis Association.


Lilli Hahn

PhD candidate in Molecular Cell Biology at Oxford; organized in 2020 the largest popular sports event  for girls and women in Europe with about 700 players at the “Online Länderkampf XXL; organizer of numerous international chess congresses.

Christian Hursky

Christian Hursky

Member of the Landtag; President of the Austrian Chess Federation from 2017 to 2020; inventor of the project “Masters of Tomorrow”; promoter of so many chess events.


Giorgio Gugler

Managing Director of Giorgio Events e.U.; Founder of Chess Festival Innsbruck; President of Schachsport Union Innsbruck; His club was awarded the Sport Österreich Integrationspreis Award in 2019; Founder of Tischtennis Union Schach Austria; Has supplied over 4000 chess boards with his own brand “Schwarzaufweiss64” to clubs and schools throughout Europe and overseas.

Christian Leitner

Oberschulrat Dipl.-Päd.; former director of the Sporthauptschule Hof and the Musik-Neue Mittelschule Henndorf.Until 2019, school chess advisor in Salzburg; organizer of several teacher training courses and chess projects; 170 Salzburg schools were equipped with chess packages together with the Ministry.


Michael S. Langer

probably Germany’s most present and active “chess politician”; President of Schach-LV Niedersachsen; spokesman for all sports federations in Niedersachsen; former Vice-President of the DSB.

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Michael_S._Langer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOSYLzQfVfE

Peter Vogl

Mental trainer; his approach: “If you want to achieve something, you have to disrupt.”Numerous experiences in various sports; Cooperation with the “Wiener Jugend- Schachkader”; lectures in the trainer education of the ÖSB.



Thomas Luther

Chess Grandmaster; Author; Chairman Commission for the Disabled; Organizer of the first “Online Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities” with over 400 participants. 

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Thomas_Luther; https://dis.fide.com

Mario Milanollo

Chairman “Schachklub Bad Sauerbrunn” (Bgld); Organizer of the annual chess event “Bewegt im Park”; Delivery Project Executive at IBM Austria.


Harald Busta & Christoph Zeindl

Both manage the Eggenburg Chess Club in a congenial way and are professionally connected in the IT sector. They were able to build up their own chess house in Eggenburg.Known was also the “Hasenschach” in the kindergarten; webmaster of the CSA homepage.

https://www.schachmatt.at https://www.facebook.com/schachklubeggenburg

Georg Weiler

Long-time chairman of the chess club “Schachklub DolomitenBank Lienz”; organizer of the popular Lienz Open with players from 24 nations, including the World Champion U12 – Savitha Shri from India and Jin Yueheng from China – U10 World Champion 2018. 


Jessica Reck

Jessica Reck

Women’s chess advisor and member of the game committee in Berlin, she brought new momentum into the chess world of Germany’s capital; inventor of the “Berlin Gender Revolution Tournament” – The first women’s tournament in which men are also allowed to participate.


Annette Waaijenberg

President of the chess club “ChessMates Zugerland”; Here she teaches over 75 juniors – but also adults and seniors; Event manager (formerly for Boston Consulting, Google and also CSI Alpbach in Tyrol).



Markus Regez

Markus Regez

He teaches 55 juniors and 30 adults in his chess school; works for the Swiss chess newspaper “SSZ”; head of many training courses for coaches in Switzerland; a lot of experience as a copywriter and communication consultant.


Alisa Frey

Doctoral Researcher at DICE (Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics); FIDE Champion; Member of the Commission for Competitive Sports in the DSB.

Günter Vorreiter

Finance officer in the LV Salzburg and in the ÖSB for many years; cooperation partner and co-organizer at the girls’ and women’s chess congress in his own hotel at Walserberg and co-organizer of numerous federal league events.

Andreas Jagodzinsky

Andreas Jagodzinsky

Vice President “Leistungs- u. Breitensport in NRW”, Tournament Director “Sparkassen Chess Trophy Dortmund”, Lawyer; Consultant in Competitive Sports in the DSB from 2017 to 2020; Legal Advisor in the DSB from 2015 to 2017.


Nico Moser

Strong youth chess player, now top Austrian tennis talent; tennis scholarship in the U.S.; semifinal appearance at the World Chess Tennis Championships in 2018.


Walter Rädler

Member of the ECU School Chess Commission; from 2017 to 2019 Vice President for Association Development in the DSB; Responsible for numerous chess movies for beginners.


Thomas Posch

Thomas Posch

Passionate chess player and leader of the association “Blickkontakt”, which is a community of sighted, visually impaired and blind people.


Jakob Gstach

Youth National Champion, FIDE Champion, Bundesliga player; student and staff member of law, philosophy and classical philology (University of Vienna).

Joachim Wallner & Patrick Reinwald

Coordinators of SPIDS (which is a school chess project for over 200 schools and 2000 students); owner of the chess trading company RWS; founder of the Kinder-und Jugendschachverein Wien; organizers of numerous successful chess events.


Julian Grötzbach

FIDE Master; member of the Hamburg SK and player in the 2nd Bundesliga. Business Project Manager at the Swedish TF Bank in Berlin.

Anita Stangl

FIDE master, teacher, managing director of MedienLB; Producer for School Instruction Films; winner of the Comenius EduMedia Award.



Gerhard Kubik

Chess coach for young and young-at-heart chess players and also for companies, book author, chairman of the chess club Leibnitz.


Robert Rieger

FIDE Master, instructor, medical student; interested in the physical component, the promotion of endurance and the combination of chess with other sports; he will also focus on these topics as a CSA podcaster.

Florian Ram

Secretary General of the “Österreichischen Betriebssport Verband”; member of the chess club Cobenzl; inventor of “Tauchschach” – Chess and diving



Lothar Handrich

Landesreferent for School Chess in Vienna, Chairman of the SV Korneuburg and since 20 years chess teacher at an AHS (Die Polgarspringer). Adult educator in the fields of religious studies, theology and pedagogy.


Renato Frick

Vice President & Secretary General as well as Honorary Member of the Liechtenstein Chess Federation LCF; FIDE Arbiter, FIDE Instructor, record national champion of Liechtenstein, multiple Olympic participant

2002-2009 Coach Women’s National Team Switzerland

Philipp Müller

FIDE- and A-Trainer; Bavarian Champion 2020; Württemberg Champion U18 2010; Press Officer of the Württemberg Chess Youth; https://schachhorizont.de

Maria Kadach

C-trainer and youth speaker of Württemberg Chess Youth, organization and realization of chess camps for children and youth; Psychology student at the University of Salzburg

Roland Burri

Seit 30 Jahren Since 30 years youth chess leader; 10 years president chess club Niederlenz and 9 years chess club Aarau; Active sports: chess, fencing, badminton

Paulina Luise Höhfeld

Member of the executive committee of the Braunschweig City Sports Association (public relations officer); many experiences in the field of planning, realization and marketing of large and small sports events

Georg Kradolfer

Worked for many years in various departments of the Swiss Chess Federation; International Arbiter; International Organizer FIDE;  


Monika Schmatz

Child and youth trainer at the Penzberg chess club; head of the school chess club at the Penzberg secondary school; School chess certificate of the German Chess Youth, ECU Chess Teacher and FIDE Developmental Instructor

With great commitment she implemented a great musical project: “Smart girls play chess” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nURrSh34Ok

Bernd Bötzel

Prof. Bernd Bötzel is co-initiator of the annual Bughouse Gathering in Berlin (German and Berlin Tandem Chess Championship), architect and project developer in Germany and on Curacao

Facebook Bughouse in Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/groups/873101052719469


Sarah Papp

successful German national player, German women’s champion, active spokeswoman of the German top female players, female grandmaster; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8PlbnNsFLs

Helge Frowein

Referent for school chess of the Deutsche Schachjugend e.V.; organises and coordinates activities at various levels in club-, youth- and school chess; full-time chess teacher

Silke Schwartau

Silke Schwartau promotes girls’ and women’s chess in Hamburg and has published the first nationwide practice booklet for girls



Anke und Björn Behrend

Heart and soul of Schachfreunde Wilstermarsch & Itzehoe von 2014 e.V.
Transmitting chess games with DGT boards is one of their passions.
Anke is very active in school chess. Björn is 1st chairman of Wilstermarsch.


Gerhard Bertagnolli

chairman of the chess club Kaltern (South Tyrol) for many years ; Passionate chess motif collector, organizer and international arbiter.


Karl Zierlinger

In “sliding retirement” photographer and photo dealer. I was intensively involved in chess between the ages of fifteen and thirty, then took a break for 35 years for professional reasons. For the last five years I have been trying to get back into practice with my old club (Vöst Krems) in the Waldviertel League.

Theresa Eckart

“Betriebssportverband Austria”; Communication & Social Media Manager, Project Manager Degree: University of Vienna: Bachelor of Arts in German Philology

Leo Smounig

Founded the “Betriebsschachkub BBSV Wien” in 1988, member of SC Donaustadt since 1990, where he has also been treasurer since 2010. Was active in several functions between 2001 and 2019, including vice-president at the Vienna Chess Federation.

Alfred Wallner

Chess friend from Upper Austria; B-trainer and most diligent participant of our lectures; former Bundesliga player

Oliver Brendel

International champion, addicted to Caissa, professionally active in digitalisation and online banking

Martin Fischer

Martin Fischer has been a ChessBase employee for many years.  He organises and holds seminars on ChessBase, in presence and online. He is a tournament director on playchess.com. HE is the editor of the magazine SCHACH PROBLEM. A chess booklet that is fun to read: 120 classic chess tactics problems from “simple” to “grandmaster” level. Starting with simple mates and material wins that make you want more, the level of difficulty increases. At the end, the special chapter “It’s your move … now!

Ralf Schreiber

Former DSB consultant for popular sports, initiator and chairman of the educational initiative Schach für Kids e.V. (Chess for Kids), which uses chess to promote the development of children from the age of 3. He was appointed “Guardian Angel for Children” and received the German Chess Award as well as the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.



Andrin Wüest

Chess is my passion, which I have been fortunate enough to have been able to live out for half a century. Now it is up to me to show other chess students the way to cultivated chess. Chess, like love and music, has the ability to make people happy.

Rene Grausgruber

Passionate Rapid-Chessplayer from Mattighofen, active participant in the events of the ChessSports Association and driver of heavy transport vehicles

Sandra Schmidt

since 2021 Sports and Recreation Officer at the DSB, since 2021 Commissioner for the German Women’s Blitz and Rapid Chess Championships, Season Leader FRL North, international arbiter, enthusiastic runner, e.g. Marathon

Gregor Johann

53 years old, come from Rhineland-Palatinate, live in Wittenberge/Brandenburg, have been playing chess in the club since 1983. In recent years, however, I’ve been more active as an arbiter (International Arbiter, including Open Bavarian Championship and Senior Cup at Tegernsee, Pfalz Open in Neustadt,…). In the German Chess Federation, I have been the Federal Tournament Director since 2019. In Rhineland-Palatinate and the Palatinate, respectively, I was treasurer for 20+ years and am currently state game director for individual competitions. I am currently active in SC Wittstock. In my free time I like to go on long hikes.

Christian Breddermann

Self-employed chemical technician, he found CSA through a leisure activity, has been convinced of the idea ever since and would like to get involved in more than just a passive way of promoting it.

Ulrike Göbels

School chess patent of the German Chess Youth, ECU chess teacher;

Chess for Kids Patent