Women's Chess

Vice-President Lilli Hahn lhahn@chesssport.eu

Member of the Board Laura Schalkhäuser

Why offer girls’ and women’s chess at all?

  • Chess is fun – and there is no reason to leave this beautiful game to men.
  • Girls need girls: especially when girls and women are new to chess, it is difficult to assert oneself in a male domain. At our events girls and women can spend time together, exchange ideas, learn from each other and compete with each other at the chess board.

What do we want to achieve with these offers?

  • We want to increase the proportion of girls and women in chess in the long term – everywhere (players, referees, trainers, coaches, board members, …).
  • we want girls and women to feel welcome and well received in the chess world
  • we want to make girls and women in chess visible, through our social media, podcasts, reports,….

What offers do we have?

  • -Online discussion forum for female volunteers
  • Girls’ chess days
  • Podcasts where we introduce you to interesting girls and women from the chess world
  • Chess events

Who are these offers aimed at?

  • Generally to all girls and women, but our focus is in the area of popular sports.

Announcement for the Women’s Chess Exchange Forum

Girls need role models!