President Harald Schneider-Zinner

Head of Austrian chess coach education from 2010 – 2021er f From 2017-2020 coach of the women’s national squad; educator, author; he led his club to win the Cristallgala in 2016.

Vice President Annette Waaijenberg

President of the chess club “ChessMates Zugerland”; Here she teaches over 75 juniors – but also adults and seniors; Event manager (formerly for Boston Consulting, Google and also CSI Alpbach in Tyrol).

Vice President Michael S. Langer

probably Germany’s most present and active “chess politician”; President of Schach-LV Niedersachsen; spokesman for all sports federations in Niedersachsen; former Vice-President of the DSB. Michael_S._Langer

Member of the Board Laura Schalkhäuser

Breaks fresh ground in girls’ chess training and reports on her work at SK Schweinfurt in her presentations in Bavaria and Salzburg 2020.

Member of the Board Georg Weiler

Long-time chairman of the chess club “Schachklub DolomitenBank Lienz”; organizer of the popular Lienz Open with players from 24 nations, including the World Champion U12 – Savitha Shri from India and Jin Yueheng from China – U10 World Champion 2018.

Member of the Board Günter Vorreiter

Finance officer in the LV Salzburg and in the ÖSB for many years; cooperation partner and co-organizer at the girls’ and women’s chess congress in his own hotel at Walserberg and co-organizer of numerous federal league events.

Member of the Board Nico Moser

Strong youth chess player, now top Austrian tennis talent; tennis scholarship in the U.S.; semifinal appearance at the World Chess Tennis Championships in 2018.

Member of the Board Leo Smounig

Founded the “Betriebsschachkub BBSV Wien” in 1988, member of SC Donaustadt since 1990, where he has also been treasurer since 2010. Was active in several functions between 2001 and 2019, including vice-president at the Vienna Chess Federation.