Senior Chess Activities

Chess has a lot to offer our society. While chess is booming at school and many indications suggest that chess positively influences cognitive and social learning, the topic of “chess in old age” is hardly dealt with.

Back in 2014, Harald Schneider-Zinner and Doctor Markus Kunze spoke about the benefits of chess for seniors and as an indicator of one’s vitality:

  • Chess helps to stay mentally fit.
  • Seniors who play chess feel physically fit above average.
  • Meeting other people has a high value.
  • The competitive nature of the game forces one to constantly respond flexibly to the ideas of one’s opponent and thus keeps one mentally mobile in life.
  • The possibility to play across generations at eye level.
  • The often lifelong accompaniment from childhood to old age.

Starting in May 2022, Harald Schneider-Zinner will offer “Chess – Culture and Fitness Weeks” for seniors (each May and October). 

Chess with friends and heart